Summary of Charges Payable by the Landlord excluding and inclusive of VAT

Other costs may be incurred when letting your property please refer back to the terms of business.

DescriptionFee excluding VATFee including VAT
Rent Collection fee 7% 8.4%
Management fee 5% subject to a minimum fee of £500 plus vat 6% subject to a minimum fee of £600
Landlord share - Tenancy fee inclusive of preparing the contract, amending, negotiation and arranging tenancy. £110.00 £132.00
TDS charge to register deposit and at renewal £9.25 £11.10
EPC (energy performance certificate) £80.00 £96.00
Landlords share - Extension and renewal (paid at renewal) – preparing, negotiation and including extension tenancy agreement £55.00 £66.00
Gas Safety certificates £85.00 £102.00
Electrical certificates from £184.00 £220.80
PAT £70.00 £84.00
Cleaning of property Depending on size and condition Depending on size and condition
Works over £250 10% of the net invoice 12% of the net invoice
Consultancy on request, plus travel and other reasonable expenses and costs. See additional services, page 10. This service is included within our management service £25.00 per hour £30.00 per hour
Same day bank transfer £20.00 £24.00
Same day bank transfer overseas £30.00 £36.00
Sale of property – based on sale price agreed 0.75% 0.95%
Checking and making any alterations requested by your solicitor to our standard Tenancy Agreement £50.00 per hour or part of an hour £60.00 per hour or part of an hour
Preparation of documentation for County Court proceedings or TDS adjudication £125.00 plus our reasonable costs and expenses £150.00 plus our reasonable costs and expenses
Attendance at court or any tribunal on your behalf £200.00 per day plus our reasonable costs and expenses. £240.00
Caretaking service £25.00 for one visit each week during office hours £30.00
HMRC non resident landlord each quarter for tax retention and completion of the documentation. £40.00 £48.00
Duplicate statements to you or your accountant £10.00 per statement or £50.00 for tax year £12.00 per statement or £60.00 for tax year
Administration charge on arranging checks and installation see page 10 additional services clause. This is included within our management service 10% of the net invoice 12% of the net invoice
Administration fee on Instructing contractors during a void period or if we are not managing the Premises. 10% of the net invoice 12% of the net invoice
Supervise the partial or total refurbishment of the Premises 10% of the net invoice 12% of the net invoice
photocopying £0.25 per sheet £0.30 per sheet

"Griffin Stevens are a really good and honest estate agency. We can't recommend them more highly! Moving house is a stressful process, however "stressful" does not even begin to express how upsetting the process was, that we went through, with a well known high street agency in Hampton before Griffin Stevens took over looking after the sale of our property. After 16 weeks of getting nowhere and being given very poor advice, .. that mainly being to reduce and reduce and reduce our price, ...(£200K between their high valuation and the price they tried to push us into taking offers) .... we spoke to Andrew Griffin from Griffin Stevens. Andrew spent a long time listening to and understanding our exasperation. He spoke very clearly and honestly about local property value and backed it up with evidence. He gave us very clear advice about what our house should sell for and what it should be marketed at, and he gave us very clear ideas about how to present our house to create maximum impact, and in particular how to show the double bedrooms off to their best. We met Andrew's team, all of whom have at least 10 years experience each as estate agents. Within 2 weeks of being on the market with Griffin Stevens we had 4 offers, all higher than the best offer we'd had with the other agent. We exchanged on Friday... and with Griffin Stevens fee being just 0.75% (as opposed to 1.8%) we are much better off and much happier than we would have been with the other one! Griffin Stevens are honest, and at the end of the day why would you place your most valuable asset in the hands of anyone other than experienced, honest people who actually do have your best interest at heart... as opposed to other agents who's only real interest is to achieve their own target driven needs, ... without a care that their needs have a massive £cost impact on you. A massive thank you to Griffin Stevens from the Vincents of Hampton!"
David & Jane Vincent