Buyers Guide

We encourage you to give us a ring to discuss your requirements even if we don’t have anything perfect for you available right now. Many people simply browse the portals or set up online alerts when they are searching, however this often means they miss out on the best properties. We have had decades of experience and would happily share our knowledge of the greater Richmond property market and help you define your search. We will register your personal requirements and let you know immediately we are aware of a suitable property, which will often be before it goes online. Indeed, there are many properties which are sold having never formally been marketed, so it’s worth spending a few minutes talking to us. If you are looking for an investment, we can also offer advice on the suitability of properties for the lettings market and approximate rental values.

We are keen to be proactive, after all our job is to put people and property together. So, if there are particular properties or streets which you identify, we are able to professionally contact the owners on your behalf to see if they may consider a sale.

As a service to potential clients if you have a free market appraisal from us, not only will we advise you on your own property but we will also be happy to let you know of any properties within the borough that may fit your purchase requirements, even if they are not listed with us.

In addition, we have developed a proven network of quality property professionals and would be happy to recommend excellent conveyancing solicitors, surveyors and independent mortgage brokers.

We also offer a bespoke search and acquisition service for buy to let investors or simply those who would like an extra advantage to find their perfect home. Details are available on the buying tab or just give us a call to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

"Superb service from Andrew. Having utilised many estate agents over the years. Andrew was/is by far the best agent I have ever dealt with"
Mr P Bartlett