Our community matters

The community, in which we have lived and worked for decades, matters to us. We are keen to make a positive contribution and are pleased to donate £200 to the charity, school, or organisation of our client’s choice following a successful sale. We also sponsor local events so please do tell us if you know of others you think we could help with.

We are the proud sponsors of Knights Basket Ball. Richmond Knights Basketball Club has endeavoured to build relationships within the Richmond Borough community that enable them to provide a high quality basketball programme that is accessible to players of all ages and abilities.

Their quest is to provide a pathway through which children of all ages and abilities can develop their basketball and leadership skills, whether participating purely for fun or striving to compete at a higher level.

They reach more than 22,000 area families, have more than 2,000 participants age 5-50 with the primary focus on school age participants and have 18 teams in competition at school, county, regional and national levels. And much more.

What better way to get the kids off the sofas, heads out of the iPads and get them out making friends, having fun and getting some exercise.

For more information visit their website knightsbasketball.co.uk

"Griffin Stevens has been very professional and helpful in accommodating mine and my partner's needs during our flat hunt and moving house. Charlane is really dedicated and friendly and helped us work out all of our questions and concerns. Never felt pressured from her to make a decision, but at the same time, felt that she worked hard to get us into the flat that we wanted. Definitely recommend!"
Ashley Savard